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Phase 3 Re-Opening: Singapore moved into Phase 3 of re-opening on 28th December, 2020. Even as we crossed this milestone, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce urged continued vigilance in safe management measures, testing and contact tracing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and keep community transmission low. Mandatory use of TraceTogether App and Token for SafeEntry check-ins will be rolled-out in early 2021. We seek the co-operation of our staff and customers to continue to remain united and disciplined in our fight against COVID-19 for a safer and healthier 2021.

Beware of any email that looks suspicious, do not click on any link or open any attachment contained in the email. For more security tips, please click here.

Beware of suspicious intermediaries. The Bank of East Asia, Limited, Singapore Branch (“BEASG” or “the Branch”) would like to advise customers that if they are suspicious about the identity of any intermediary who promotes products or services of the Branch, they should verify with BEASG by calling its Customer Service Hotline on (65) 6602 7702.

Beware of Bogus SMS Messages and Voice Message Calls. For more information, please click here or call (65) 6602 7702.

S$ Fixed Deposit

S$ Fixed Deposit

Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

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Trade Finance

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Revision of Accounts and Services Terms and Conditions

With effect from 1st December 2020, we will be revising our "Accounts and Services Terms and Conditions". The revised version can be found here .

23rd May, 2019

BEA Appoints Co-Chief Executives

Interest Rate Benchmarks Reform

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