The Bank of East Asia

Online Security Advisory

How to Protect Yourself against Suspicious or Fraudulent Activities

Fraudsters often create a sense of urgency to provoke you to take action immediately. Fraudster typically will offer an "opportunity" that appears too good to be true and such "opportunity" may involve lottery winnings, "found money", unclaimed inheritance etc. The fraudster may also request for confidential information such as your account information or to transfer funds to third party.

To avoid falling for such scams, first consider carefully whether BEA would have sent you the request. Second, ask questions – if you are in doubt as to whether communications with a person purporting to act on behalf of BEA are legitimate, do not respond to it. In any cases of uncertainty, a safe alternative is to contact us directly using the "Contact Us" form above or call us at (+65) 6602 7702.

Under no circumstances will any of our Bank employees ask you to participate in such transaction or to ask for your personal information via e-mail. If a questionable communication is via e-mail offering a link asking you to provide personal information on a Web page, do not click on the link, even if it may appear genuine.

BEA takes very seriously any reports of suspicious or fraudulent activities involving the unauthorised use of BEA’s name and has reported such activities to the Singapore Police Force. BEA cautions that persons not affiliated with BEA may approach you, pretending to act on behalf of BEA.