The Bank of East Asia

Trade Finance



  • Advising of Letter of Credit

    BEA acts as the advising agent to authenticate and advise letters of credit of correspondents to their beneficiary in Singapore.


  • Transfer of Letter of Credit

    Upon receipt of a transferable L/C from BEA (acting as the advising bank), the customer may instruct BEA to transfer the L/C to the final seller. The L/C can be transferred in whole or in part but can be transferred once only.


  • Export Bill Negotiations

    After receipt of the L/C and upon shipment, the beneficiary can present the stipulated documents to BEA for negotiation. After negotiation, BEA will claim reimbursement from the reimbursing bank and pay the exporter upon receipt of the proceeds.


  • Export Bills Purchased

    With prior arrangement, the exporter can request BEA to discount its export bills (for both collection and L/C) and provide immediate credit. Upon approval, discounting will be made with full recourse to the customer in case of non-payment.

    By special arrangement, BEA can also finance account receivables for valued customers who provide advances against their sales invoices.


  • Bills for Collection

    As the collecting bank, BEA will send the export documents to its agent in the importer’s country for presentation to the buyer for acceptance and / or payment. Upon receipt of the proceeds, BEA will credit the customer’s account after deduction of charges.


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