Corporate Login

  1. Log in to Cyberbanking
    Enter your Cyberbanking Account Number and PIN in the Logon box.
    Click 'Login' to proceed.
  2. Read the Digital Security Awareness stated.
    Click 'Agree' to proceed.
  3. SMS OTP verification.
    Obtain the SMS OTP from mobile.
    Enter the 6-digit SMS OTP into SMS OTP Verification box.
    Click 'Verify' to proceed.
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions stated.
    Scroll to end of page.
    Click 'Accept' to proceed.
  5. For first time log-in,
    a. Enter your Current Cyberbanking PIN
    b. Enter your New Cyberbanking PIN
    c. Re-enter to confirm your New Cyberbanking PIN
    d. Click 'Submit' to proceed.
    Cyberbanking PIN rules:
    8 to 12 characters.
    Must contain both letters and numerals eg. BEACYBER01
  6. 'PIN successfully changed.'is displayed.
    Click 'OK' to proceed.
    A notification on successful change of PIN is send to your registered email.
  7. The Corporate Cyberbanking page is displayed.